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Features of Acrylic Sheet

1. High transparency. Plexiglas is the best macromolecule transparent material so far. The light transmittance can reach to 92%, higher than glass. Being known as “artificial small sun”, the sunlight lamp’s tube is made from quartz. This is because quartz can totally absorbs the ultraviolet, common glass only 0.6%, while organic glass can absorb 73%.

2. High mechanical strength. The relative molecular mass of Plexiglas is about two million. Besides, because it is a long chain macromolecule chemical compound and the molecule chain is very soft, so the Plexiglas has high strength. Moreover, its tensile and impact property is 7-18 times higher than glass. There is a kind of Plexiglas after heating and  stretch handling, and its molecule chain’s distribution is very orderly, so the toughness is much better. Even if nailing it, the Plexiglas won’t cause any cracks. Such kind of Plexiglas won’t produce any fragments when pierced by a bullet. Therefore, it is a useful character for the Plexiglas after stretch handling.

3. Light weight. Because the density of Plexiglas is 1.2 g/cm³, so Plexiglas is half the  weight of glass, and 43% the weight of aluminum.

4. Easily processing. Plexiglas can be not only cutting, drilling but also blow molded, injection and extruded to form all kinds of products, such as big aircraft canopy and small denture.

5. High glossy surface, bright colors, high impact, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, good insulating and soundproof property.

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