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How to Clean the Acrylic Billboard?

With the continuous development of acrylic industry, it is very common to see the acrylic products around us. Because of such features as easy machining and high transparency, the acrylic products is widely used in our daily life.
Please pay attention to below factors when cleaning the acrylic billboards: 
1. Cleaning acrylic billboards requires skills. Not all the cleaners are suitable. So, we need to choose a suitable cleaner according to different material of billboard. Generally speaking, there are universal clean water and neutral detergent and bright organic glass cleaner for acrylic billboard cleaning. We need to choose the right one based on the cleaner’s product description and the texture material of the acrylic billboard. 
2. We need to straighten out the tools we will use in our cleaning. Because, usually the acrylic billboard is very big and in high location, so we need to prepare the work high above the ground tools, such as ladder, high pressure spray,  soft cleaning rag, watering can and scouring pad etc.
3. Observe whether the acrylic billboard is aging and weathering for many years or not. If yes, then it is time for us to consider changing the acrylic billboard. 
4. Because we don’t know whether we have chosen the right cleaner or not, so we need to test first. Testing in a small area first, if there is no abnormal, then we can clean all the big acrylic billboard. If color change or fading, we need to change the cleaner immediately.
5. During cleaning, we can also consider adding some reasonable potion or some other tools to clean the billboard.   
6. Last but not the least, what we should pay high attention to is the safety protection measures. This is the most important step. Because there is electric circuit in majority acrylic billboards, so we need to cut off all the power before cleaning. Besides, we need to wear a good helmet and safety belt before cleaning.
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